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Let everyone kill a hun

Nos mesmos anexos que comentei na postagem anterior, Churchill pondera sobre a possibilidade da invasão e as preparações necessárias. Inevitável lembrar de "we shall fight on the beaches..."

Prime Minister to Secretary of State for War and C.I.G.S

We have to contemplate the descent from the air of perhaps a quarter of a million parachutists, glider-borne or crash-landed aeroplane troops. Everyone in uniform, and anyone else who likes, must fall upon these wherever they find them and attack them with the utmost alacrity -

"Let everyone
Kill a Hun."

This spirit must be inculcated ceaselessly into all ranks of H.M. forces - in particular military schools, training establishments, depots. All the rearward services must develop a quality of stern, individual resistance. No building  occupied by troops should be surrendered without having to be stormed. Every man must have a weapon of some kind, be it only a mace or a pike. The spirit of intense individual resistance to this new form of sporadic invasion is a fundamental necessity. I have no doubt a great deal is being done.

Please let me know exactly how many uniformed men you have on ration strength in this Island, and how they are armed.

I should like Sir Alan Brooke to see this minute and enclosure, and to give me his views about it. Let me also see some patterns of maces and pikes.

W. C. The Grand Alliance.

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