segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010


Analisando o contexto do ano de 1941, Churchill, junto com o seu cabinete, elaborou um memorando com diretivas sobre munições (e um posterior sobre prioridades). Neste memorando, destaco:
7. Our tasks, as the Minister os Supply rightly reminds us, is indeed formidable when the gigantic scale of German military and aviation equipment is considered. This war is not however a war of masses of men hurling masses of shells at each other. It is by devising new weapons, and above all but scientific leadership, that we shall best cope with the enemy's superior strength. If, for stance, the series of inventions now being developed to find and hit enemy aircraft, both, from the air and from the ground, irrespective of visibility, realise what is hoped from them, not only the strategic but the munitions situation would be profoundly altered. [...]

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