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Tobruk: Australia

In the verge of operation "Crusader" and the defense of Tobruk, the Australian government called back his troops. After Mr. Fadden become first minister of Australia Dominion, preceded by Mr. Menzies, Churchill writes:
The new Government under hard pressure from its opponents, was much concerned about the position of the Australian division on Tobruk. They desired to collect their troops in the Middle East into one force in order to give them an opportunity for refreshment, restoration of discipline and re-equipment, and to satisfy public opinion in Australia. [...] They therefore demanded their immediate relief by other forces.
The Grand Alliance, page 367

It is know that the public opinion was saying that the British were deploying only Dominion's forces, saving their owns.

Several asks were made for changes on that demand, or, at least, a postponing till Crusader being launch. Always negative anwers. So, the relief of the Australian troops had begin.
On the night of October 25 [1941] the operations so greatly desired by both Australian parties was attempted under conditions of great danger, and not without appreciable loss [...]
The Grand Alliance, page 367

The fast minelayer H. M. S. Latonia was sunk and the destroyer Hero was damaged by air attack, and tens of Australians were missing or wounded.

We must be thankful these air attacks did not start in the earlier stages of the relief.
The Grand Alliance, page 367

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