terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

Americanos e ingleses

Dificilmente a Segunda Guerra teria o mesmo resultado, senão pela eficiência entre as relações entre os governos americano e inglês. Mesmo havendo diferenças nos sistemas de governo (presidencialismo e parlamentarismo), a relação quase que pessoal entre os dos chefes de governo se mostrou vital para a obtenção da melhor relação entre os países.

Em 1941, Churchill visita os EUA e Canadá, logo após a entrada oficial dos EUA na Guerra, realizando a conferência "Arcadia".

Sobre esses dias em Dezembro, Churchill comenta sobre a relação entre os EUA e Inglaterra:

At Washington intense activity reigned. During these days of continuous contact and discussion I gathered that the President with his staff and his advisers was preparing an important proposal for me. In the military as in the commercial or production spheres the American mind runs naturally to broad, sweeping, logical conclusions on the largest scale. It is on these that they build their practical thought in action. They feel that once the foundation has been planned on true and comprehensive lines all other stages will follow naturally and almost inevitably. The British mind does not work quite this way. We do not think that logic and clear-cut principles are necessarily the sole keys to what ought to be done in swiftly changing and indefinable situation. In war particularly we assign a larger importance to opportunism and improvisation, seeking rather to live and conquer in accordance with the unfolding event than to aspire to dominate it often by fundamental decisions. There is room for much argument about both views. The difference is one of emphasis, but it is deep-seated.

W. C. The Grand Alliance.

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