domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Churchill: Quinta coluna

Atualizando o último post, segue abaixo um trecho de discurso onde Churchill faz referência a "quinta-coluna". Em 4 de julho de 1940, Churchill pronunciou um discurso na Câmara dos Comuns, sobre a destruição da Armada Francesa (um bom assunto para uma próxima postagem...)

Agradeço a lista de discussão ChurchillChat, e em especial, a Scott Manning pela pesquisa.

In conclusion, I feel that we are entitled to the confidence of the House that we shall not fail in our duty, however painful. The action we have already taken should be, in itself, sufficient to dispose once and for all of the lies and rumors which have been so industriously spread by German propaganda and through Fifth Column activities that we have the slightest intention of entering into negotiations in any form and through any channel with the German and Italian Governments. We shall, on the contrary, prosecute the war with the utmost vigor by all the means that are open to us until the righteous purposes for which we entered upon it have been fulfilled.

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