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The american plan for Berlin occupation

The Operation Eclipse foreseen the Berlin occupation and division between the Allies powers. "Eclipse had been refered to as the occupation plan for Germany. It detailed the operational moves which would immediately take place in the event of a German surrender or collapse. Its main objective were the enforcement of unconditional surrender and the disarmament and control of all German forces".

Under Eclipse conditions the airbone assault plan on Berlin called fo the paratroopers to move swiftly to "gain control over the enemy's capital and foremost administrative and transportation center... and display our armed strength" They were to subdue any remaining pockets of fanatics whi might continue to resist; rescue and care for prisioners of war; seixe top-secret documents, files and films before they could be destroyed; control information centers such as postal and telecommunications  offices, radio stations, newspaper and printing plants; capture war criminals and surviving principals of government, and establish law and order. The airbone forces were to initiate all these moves pending the arrival of land forces and military government teams.

For this course of action, the Allied had started to train, under completely secret, his forces, where "the 82nd, designated "Task Force A", was to have the major role.". The "38-year-old Major General James S. Gavin, 82nd Division Commander", was presenting the secret brief.
"the 101st Airbone Division will grab Gatow Airfield, west of the city. A brigade from the British 1st Airbone Corps is to seize Oranienburg Airfield to the northwest, west of the city." He paused and continued, "Our piece of real estate is right in Berlin itself - Tempelhof Airport"

 The situation imposed by Eclipse was unique: "airbone units to drop on Berlin as an advance guard, but charged with policy action only".

The Dutch intelligence officer Arie D. Bestebreurjte, or "Captain Harry" adviced:

"I must repeat that if you are expecting help from anyone in Berlin, forget it" [...] "Will you find  guides willing to help? Answer: No. Is there an underground such as we had in France and Holland? Answer: No. Even if some Berliners are privately sympathetic, they will be too frightened to show it. We can discuss all these matters in greater detail later, but right now le me assure you this: do not have any illusions that you be greeted as liberators with champagne and roses. The army, the SS and the police will fight until the last bullet, and then they will come our with their hands in the air, tell you that the whole thing was a deadful mistake, that it was all Hitler's fault and thank you for getting the city before the Russians"

Source: C. R. The last battle. 1966. 

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