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Peter Fechter

Starting now to read The last battle by Cornelius Ryan, finishing then his trilogy. In the very beginning, good quotes:
This book is for the memory of a boy who has born in Berlin during the last months of the war, his name was Peter Fechter. In 1962 he was machine-gunned by his own people and left to bleed to death by the side of the most tragic memorial to the allied victory - the Berlin wall.
A book telling the fall of Berlin by the Soviet Union, written by an American, in 1966.
Of the events of war, I have not ventured to speak from any chance information, nor according to any notation of my own; I have described nothing but what I saw myself, or learned from others of whom I made the most careful and particular inquiry. The task was a laborious one because eyewitnesses of the same occurrence gave different accounts of them as they remembered, or were interested in the actions of one side or the other. And very likely the strictly historical character of my narrative may be disappointing to the ear. But if the who desires to have before his eyes a true picture of the events which have happened ... shall pronounce what I have written to be useful, the I shall be satisfied.
- Thucydes, Peloponesian War
Volume 1, 400 B.C. [Quoted by Ryan]
A difficult topic in a difficult time: probably a good book.

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